Take it from me: National Signing Day edition

This morning we debut a new column on The Blue Ring: “Take It From Me.”

This is Donovan Winter.


Donovan Winter’s Scout.com Player Profile

Looks like your average high school defensive end with a bright future ahead of him doesn’t he?

Donovan was a three star recruit out of Bishop Moore Catholic High School in Orlando. His on-field skills led to ten scholarship offers, including ones from Tennessee, Kentucky and Michigan.


This is Donovan Winter on Monday night.


Donovan Winter’s Booking Mugshot

Instead of finalizing his verbal commitment to play for Mark Dantonio at Michigan State, Donovan Winter spent the morning of National Signing Day in Seminole County jail.

To all the young men out there who read The Blue Ring, take it from me…


I should not have to tell you this! But here I am…

1.) One it will cost you a scholarship, and take it from me, college is EXPENSIVE!

2.) College’s as a rule, don’t like admitting criminals and those lacking moral fiber.

3.) Fathers with teenage daughters already hate teenage boys their daughters bring home. So congratulations Donovan! Now your girlfriend’s father has a new reason to despise you!


Apparently Donovan Winter is the new Eric Forman

On Monday evening, Winter broke into his girlfriend’s garage and stole a .22 caliber rifle belonging to her father. The girlfriend’s mother, Rebecca Thurmond, called police to file trespassing charges. When police arrived, Winter’s girlfriend informed them her father’s gun was missing.

Kenneth Thurmond, the girl’s father, confirmed to police the gun was indeed missing, at which time they began searching for Donovan Winter. He was located a short time later at an undisclosed location, and transported to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office for processing.

This incident is even more shocking when you learn who Donovan Winter’s father is.


Blaise Winter sacks Buccaneers QB Vinny Testaverde

Meet Blaise Winter, a former NFL defensive end (same position as his son). In nine seasons with the Packers, Colts and Chargers, he amassed 21 sacks – all while deaf in one ear. Blaise is also a motivational speaker.

Donovan isn’t the first kid to screw up before National Signing Day, and he won’t be the last.

In 2016, The University of Missouri revoked its offer to Marvin Terry, on account of the fact like Winter, he spent National Signing Day in jail following an assault on his child’s mother.

Here’s the profile bio from Donovan Winter’s now locked Twitter account.


Let’s go through this before Alan tells me the article is running longer than Titanic…(sorry but the movie is 35 minutes longer than the time it took for the actual ship to sink).

1.) A leader wouldn’t have pulled the stunt Donovan Winter did on Monday night.

2.) I assume God wouldn’t approve either.

3. Hornets – his high school team. You know the guys you go into battle with? How are they supposed to react to a teammate being locked up?

4.) Effort requires self discipline on your part Donovan. It means not robbing your girlfriend’s father, and means leading a life #2 would be proud of.

5.) Bye…

6.) Not anymore…

Suffice to say, gentlemen, think of the consequences before you act so you don’t end up being the next Donovan Winter or Marvin Terry. I’m sure you’d rather play college football than have me write an embarrassing article about you anyways.


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