All quiet on the offensive front: Washington falls at Baltimore 23-3

Turn on the fourth quarter of any preseason game in any bar across America, and usually a broadcaster’s call is met with one word.


Seriously, before tonight when he went 4/4 with a touchdown, outside of Liberty Football fans, had you heard of Josh Woodrum before?

In all honesty, preseason should be taken with a grain of salt.

There are 90 active players on each NFL roster right now, and before the regular season kicks off a month from now, every team must cut 41% of their players.

That being said, the fact neither Kirk Cousins or Colt McCoy could move the offense will lead Jay Gruden and Matt Cavanaugh to tinker with the offense before the team takes the field ten days from now against Green Bay.

In sixty minutes of football, the Redskins managed EIGHT, count ’em, EIGHT, first downs.

Two weeks ago talk of the Ravens potentially signing Colin Kaepernick took off after Ryan Mallett threw at least five interceptions in practice against the Ravens defense.

While not spectacular, Mallett did not turn the ball over tonight.

The Redskins on the other hand, fumbled the ball four times (recovering each time) in the first half alone.

Justin Tucker looked himself, save for a miss off the right crossbar that dinged so loud the stadium fell silent. However, Tucker’s miss was negated by an illegal formation penalty on the Redskins, and he made up for the missed attempt at the end of the second half with a 59 yard field goal to close out the quarter.

Rookie tailback Taquan Mizzell ran all over the Redskins defense in the second half for 51 yards on 15 on attempts.

Again, this is all preseason, and Mizzell likely won’t break camp with the team in September.

But for the players fighting for jobs in Washington, dropped passes, negative runs, fumbles and missed tackles could leave them out of a job come September as well.


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